Astech Gold is a revolutionary online staking money management system that uses Advanced Staking Technology

Astech Gold takes the guesswork out of how much to outlay for each bet/selection and is the culmination of years of research with some of the sharpest minds in professional betting and business technology to bring you this effective tool.

Designed and developed for internet users, Astech Gold was originally conceived for horse racing but may be used in conjunction with other sports and bets.

In the same way professional gamblers go to great lengths to bring together information to make their selections, Astech Gold uses Advanced Staking Technology in conjunction with a whole range of factors to determine recommended staking levels.

With sophisticated algorithmic matrices at its heart that are constantly monitored, adjusted and updated, Astech Gold interprets and responds to information entered in an individual’s Operating Profile, Results page and Selection Page, to calculate and recommend an Optimum Stake.

Astech Gold is managed by you and is dependent upon the accuracy of the information you enter. 

Responding to a wide range of criteria that is 'unique' to you, Astech Gold becomes your very own- Personal Staking Advisor!


As an Astech Gold Member you will be able to:

  • Receive Real Time Recommended Stakes
  • Set up and Define your Operating Profile 
  • Record your Selections and Outcomes using your Selection Page
  • Review your Results and Betting History
  • Monitor Selections to Follow in your Watch List
  • Record Future Selection Bets in your Ante-Post Log
  • Structure and Adjust your Betting Preferences
  • Manage and Control your Overall Progress
  • Access all Areas on the Astech Gold Website
  • Receive all Future Upgrades Free


The Membership Fees are:

Monthly        =            £25

3 months      =            £65       Save £10

6 months      =            £120     Save £30

12 months    =            £200     Save £100

The above prices are quoted in pounds Sterling and are inclusive of Value Added Tax (VAT).

Fees will not be increased during the period of your membership or for continuous membership.

To become an Astech Gold Member Click Here to Register, select your Membership package and enter your valid payment details. You will be billed for the full amount of the package you have selected upon joining.



As long as you are an existing Member of Astech Gold you will receive upgrades and/or programme developments FREE of charge. 

We hope that by offering a Free Trial you can gain an insight into how Astech Gold works and how it removes the guesswork out of how much to stake.

Although easy to use, Astech Gold is a highly sophisticated programme that we believe will become an invaluable tool in your betting armoury.

By taking the Free Trial, which is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and for which NO payment information is required, we believe that you will gain an understanding of how Astech Gold can add value to your betting.

You can register for a 20 Selection, 7 day FREE Trial.

The restrictions in the Free Trial are not applied when you Join Astech Gold as a Member.


Once you have registered and agreed to the Astech Gold’s Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy, you can begin your Free Trial which includes:

  • Astech Gold Recommended Stakes
  • 20 Selections
  • Limited Time Access
  • Limited Website Use
  • User Guide
  • Limited Operating Profile
  • Risk Level 2
  • Virtual Trial Bank of £500
  • Stake Display
  • Fixed Programme Option
  • Time, Meeting and Selection Entries
  • Actual Stake Input
  • Limited Odds Entry
  • Result Submit Button
  • Results page
  • Bet Type: Win only


During your Free Trial you will be able to enter 20 selections into your Selection Page over a seven (7) day consecutive period. If you enter your 20 selections before the seven days expire, then your Free Trial will be concluded.

The Free Trial can only be used ONCE by any ONE individual.

Any abuse of this offer by an individual or groups of individuals will result in termination of Free Trial registration and Membership may be revoked or not be approved.

The restrictions in the Free Trial are not applied when you join Astech Gold as a Member.   


Astech Gold uses your unique System Name as the reference point for the information entered in your Operating Profile, your Selection Page and submitted Results  and is linked to your registration details for security.

Your System Name is both upper and lower case sensitive.

If the System Name you enter is already in use you will be asked to enter another. 

Once the Astech Gold programme accepts your System Name it cannot be changed.

For additional security, whenever you Log In to Astech Gold as a Member, you will be required to enter three randomly selected characters of your System Name.


For security reasons, if there is a period of inactivity on your Astech Gold account longer than 2 hours, then you will be asked to log out and log in again.

Any information entered immediately before this message appears, should be checked and re-entered if necessary.

When you join Astech Gold, you can access your Operating Profile page and enter information that Astech Gold will use when calculating your Recommended Stakes.

Already entered on your Operating Page are the Default Settings which are the minimum settings that Astech Gold requires in order to provide a Recommended Stake.

This includes, for example, a minimum amount in your Starting Bank. If you are using Pounds Sterling as your choice of currency then the default is set at £25.00.

You can now alter these settings to suit your personal situation and requirements.

Note: We strongly recommend that you refer to the User Guide and Operating Profile Tutorial before changing the Programme Options and Risk Level Default Settings.

The Astech Gold website has built in support to assist you during your use of the programme.

In addition to Astech Gold’s Recommended Stakes and the comprehensive User Guide and Tutorials, an Operational Support box on your Selection Page will provide guidance as required.

Other useful programme features include:

  • A colour coded countdown before the time you have entered for an event
  • Audible Warning facility
  • Investment limit options
  • Highlighted boxes that require information to be entered
  • Automatic transfer of Ante-Post selections to your Selection Page on the day of the event
  • One click facility for moving selections to follow to your Watch List
  • One click facility for moving selections from your Watch List to your Selection Page
  • Maximum Profit and Loss Indicators
  • Automatic staking allocation for certain Bet Types
  • One click facility Time Order button

It is in terms of calculating Recommended Stakes which are based on the information you enter into the programme.

However, it is not automated for placing bets. Astech Gold has no access to your betting accounts and you still need to place your bets.

This allows you to place the amount recommended by Astech Gold or to place an amount of your own choosing.



Astech Gold is not a Bookmaker or an Exchange where bets or money can be placed.

The amount you decide to place on your selections with your Bookmaker and/or Exchange accounts determines your profit and loss, NOT Astech Gold.

Your money remains with you or in the online betting accounts you operate from.

Astech Gold does not inter-act with, take commission on, or act as a third party for the placement of any money you actually bet with.

Astech Gold is not a bookmaker or an exchange and neither can it accept or act as a portal for placing money on selections for you. 

Where and with whom you place your bets is entirely your choice and your responsibility.

However, based on the information you enter into Astech Gold, your Betting History and progress is tracked and graphed and your balance and Profit/Loss amounts are displayed.

In order to ensure that Astech Gold is recommending the most appropriate staking levels for you, check regularly that the amount of money you are using for betting is reflected in the amount displayed in your Operating Bank on your Operating Profile.

You can amend the amount in your Operating Bank by using the Operating Bank Adjustment Plus and Operating Bank Adjustment Minus in your Operating Profile.

Regardless of the currency selected, the minimum number of units that can be entered into your Starting Bank box on your Operating Profile is 25.00, which is also the Default amount. 

The amount you enter in your Starting Bank should equal the total amount of money in your betting accounts or the amount you have set aside for betting purposes otherwise Astech Gold’s Recommended Stakes will not accurately reflect your betting situation.

These boxes allow you to set Profit and Loss limits in your Operating Profile.

If you decide to enter a figure in either or both of these boxes, then once these amounts are exceeded you will receive a message on your Selection Page indicating that those amounts have been reached..

You can still continue to use Astech Gold but these messages will continue to appear on your Selection Page while you exceed the Profit and/or Loss Limits set in your Operating Profile.

If you wish to stop these messages, go to your Operating Profile and remove any figures in the Profit and/or Loss Limit boxes, or increase the limits further.

If you alter any information in your Operating Profile remember to click the Save Operating Profile button.

The default settings are zero (None) for both the Maximum Profit and Loss Indicator boxes.

No. Astech Gold will calculate Recommended Stakes that are conditional and subject to your Operating Profile choices.

The Astech Gold Recommended Stake cannot exceed the limits entered in your Operating Profile which includes your Starting and Operational Banks.

The amounts to invest may and will reduce following a lengthy losing sequence, but will continue to be based on optimum staking within your Operating Profile which updates as Results are submitted to your Astech Gold programme.



Astech Gold does not directly source, offer, make or suggest selections, neither does Astech Gold suggest or infer any process or method to determine, highlight or indicate selections for any event for investment purposes.

However, data or filters may be applied by request from third parties to their selections for monitoring purposes.

Any selections and/or events shown as a result of data and filtering processes applied to third party information is not endorsed by Astech Gold or constitutes a recommendation by Astech Gold Ltd to use them.

This information, with the third parties consent, will appear on the 'Latest Information' (LI) page which can be accessed from the Selection Page. There is also a link from the LI page directly back to the Selection Page.

How you select, receive, and decide on your selections and events and any investments you decide to make, is entirely up to you and is NOT a function of Astech Gold.

Astech Gold also provides links to Websites Of Interest (WOI) that may be of interest to our members but they are given on the understanding that the section on Links, Third Party Goods and Services within Astech Gold's Terms and Conditions have been read and understood.



Apart from the Astech Gold Recommended Stake and the Bet Type, you can change information relating to each selection at any time prior to the result being submitted to your Results page.

In the case of the Bet Type, you cannot change this once selected.

However, if you wish to change the Bet Type, delete the appropriate selection line and click on Add New Selection and re-enter the information relating to your selection.

You can change information relating to your selection by clicking the Amend button.  This button becomes active after clicking the Confirm Button on your Selection Page. 


Once you have submitted a result to your Results page it cannot be altered, retrieved or removed.

However, you are able to make adjustments to your Operating Bank in your Operating Profile to bring your Operating Bank in line with your accounts.

For example, if you find after submitting your result that the odds were wrong or perhaps there was a deduction from your returns that you missed, you can take the difference between the amount submitted to your Results Page and the actual amount you received and apply this as an adjustment on your Operating Profile. 

If you are backing selections as individual bets enter the information on separate selection lines.

However if you wish to back selections in the same race that have different odds but you wish to return the same profit regardless of which one wins, then select Dutch 2, 3 or 4 from the Bet Type drop down menu. 

Place these on your Selection Page using different selection lines and Astech Gold will provide you with the optimum stakes for each selection.

A message in the Operational Support box on your Selection Page will highlight the appropriate places on your Selection Line where the required information has to be entered.


If you have results from previous events that you have not entered on your Selection Page or you have selection lines entered on a previous day that require completion, you can use the Known Result option accessible from the Selection box drop down menu and which is fully explained in the User Guide.

You can then complete the information for your Selection on the Selection Line and submit to your Results page.

Bet Types

Astech Gold treats Each Way bets as two separate bets and will show a Recommended Stake for both the win part and place part. However, both lines of the selection will be submitted as a complete result.

If you bet with a Bookmaker where the stake for the Win and Place part of the bet is normally the same, click the Place drop down menu and you will see ‘quarter’, ‘fifth’ or ‘sixth’. When you select one of these, the stakes shown in the Actual Stake Win and Place boxes will be the same although the Astech Gold Win and Place Recommended Stakes may display different amounts.

If you bet on the Exchanges then either enter the odds manually or select the odds listed below ‘quarter’, ‘fifth’ and ‘sixth’ options in the drop down menu by the Odds box.

A Dutching Bet allows the total stakes you intend to invest to be redistributed across a number of selections in the same race to secure the same profit in the event that one of your selections win

Table 1:  Win Bet and Dutching Bet Comparison.

Type of Bet

Time of Event





Return Profit or Loss















                                                                                                      Net P&L  

 + £5.00















                                                                                                      Net P&L  

















                                                                                                   Net P&L
















                                                                                                   Net P&L


Key: P&L = Profit and Loss

In the Table above, two selections A and B are to be backed in the same race. If the same amount is placed on both, in this case £5.00, then the profit made, assuming one of the selections win, will be either £5.00 or £15.00.

However, by entering the total amount to invest on the selections, in this example £10.00, the Astech Gold Dutching Tool will configure the stake to be placed on each selection. As long as one of the selections wins at the odds shown, then the amount of profit secured on this bet would be £8.75.


A 20/80 Bet consists of 20% of your stake being placed on a selection to Win and the remaining 80% of your stake on the same selection to be Placed.

Example: You wish to place £10 on a selection as a 20/80 Bet. This would require £2.00 on your selection to Win and £8.00 on your selection to be Placed.

If you select a 20/80 Bet on your selection page, Astech Gold will automatically redistribute the Astech Gold Recommended Stake to the Win and Place parts of the bet.

Note: Some Bookmakers may take Place only bets while the Exchanges offer a separate Place only market. 

The results of Ante Post bets, which are bets that take place on a future date, are not considered by Astech Gold until the day when the result is submitted to your Results page.

For Ante Post bets, Astech Gold will recommend a stake based on current information in your Operating Profile and Results submitted to date.

Your Operating Bank will be adjusted by the amount entered in your Actual Stake box for your Ante Post bet once you have submitted your Selection to your Ante Post Log.

Your selection will appear on your Selection Page on the date the event takes place. Once the result of the event is known, submit your Selection to your Results page. 

If before the date of the event your Ante Post bet is a Lost bet (you lose your stake) or is a Void bet (your stake is returned) then access your Ante Post Log and update accordingly.



The odds entered must be in decimal format. If you work in fractions you can use the drop down menu in the Odds box and click on the relevant fraction. This will convert the fraction into a decimal and be displayed in the odds box. 

Bookmakers generally use fractions to calculate any returns.

Example: If you obtain odds of 7/4 (1.75) and place £2 on to win, then your return if your selection wins, would be...

1.75 x £2 = £3.50 plus your investment of £2, giving a total return of £5.50.

However if you use an Internet Betting Exchange, the odds returned will include your stake.

Therefore the odds you would obtain from an exchange would be 2.75 and your total returns would be 2.75 x £2 = £5.50.

Both return the same! 

However Astech Gold requires the profit part of the odds to be shown in the odds box, so in the case of an internet betting exchange reduce the Odds by 1.

In the example above, we accept the bookmakers fractional odds of 7/4 (1.75) but reduce the internet betting exchange by 1.

Exchange Odds = 2.75 minus 1 = 1.75.


Excluding Multiple Bets which Astech Gold deals with differently from all other Bet Types, the odds you enter on the Selection Page MUST NOT include the stake element of your bet.

The Recommended Stakes displayed on Selection Lines are liable to change for a number of reasons, including the following:

  • Changing the odds in the Odds box.
  • Submitting a Selection Line to your Results page thereby affecting your Profit and Loss total, which in turn may affect the Recommended Stake on remaining Selection Lines.
  • Adding or Withdrawing Funds in your Operating Profile before submitting a Selection line to your Results page.
  • Changing your Risk Level before submitting a Selection line to your Results page.


Any amounts Locked In to your Actual Stake boxes will not change. 

The Odds that you enter in the Odds box are used to calculate any returns and therefore need to accurately reflect the odds used by your Bookmaker and/or Exchanges.

Use the drop down menu and select the appropriate odds or manually enter and over-ride any odds currently displayed.

As you change the odds the amounts displayed in the Recommended Stake and Actual Stake boxes may alter.

However, only the Recommended Stake box may change if you have applied the Lock facility to the amount in the Actual Stake box.

Before submitting your selection information to your Results page, it is important that the odds you received for calculating any returns from your investment are entered correctly in the Odds box.


There are a number of reasons why this may happen.

You may have amended this amount by overriding the amount originally shown in the Actual Stake box and used the Lock function to retain the amount.

It may be due to the type of bet selected. Example: With a 20/80 bet, the total amount recommended by Astech Gold has been redistributed between the Win and Place part of the bet.



The amount recommended in the Astech Gold Stake box will automatically be copied to the Actual Stake box subject to the Bet Type selected. If you decide to place a different amount than that recommended by Astech Gold, enter your stake in the Actual Stake box and Lock in the amount from the drop down menu.

Note: Ensure that the Actual Stake and Odds entered on your Selection Page are the same as those used by your Bookmaker and/or Exchange as these will be used to calculate your actual Profit/Loss.

Astech Gold Recommended Stakes are not retained on your Selection Line when submitted to your Results page.

Any calculated Profit or Loss will be used to adjust the amount in your Operating Bank.

The Astech Gold programme will provide future Recommended Stakes based on your updated Operating Bank. 

The Operating Bank is one of the factors used by Astech Gold to calculate future Recommended Stakes together with information generated from your submitted Results, your Operating Profile and information you enter for each of your Selections.

Notes: You cannot alter or change the information shown in the Astech Gold Recommended Stake box but you can change the amount in your Actual Stake box.

When you submit a Selection to your Results Page, any remaining Selections on your Selection Page which have a Recommended Stake will update.

However the amounts in your Actual Stake box(es) will be locked.

This is because the Recommended Stake will have been calculated on information available prior to the submission of a Selection to your Results Page.

To bring your Actual Stake box amounts in line with the amounts in the Recommended Stake boxes, click on the drop down menu by the Actual Stake box and click on Unlock.

Remember to lock in your Actual Stake box amounts if they are the same amounts that you have placed with your Bookmaker/Exchange accounts.



Regardless of when each race/event actually takes place, Astech Gold will only use information from your Selection Page once you have confirmed and submitted the result to your Results page.

Any races that are delayed will not affect the way in which Astech Gold calculates subsequent Recommended Stakes. 

However, if you have already placed your bet with your Bookmaker or Exchange ensure the amount displayed in the Actual Stake box is the same. Lock in the amount by using the Lock facility in the drop down menu by the Actual Stake box.

Any form of betting is risky and the greater amount staked, the greater the potential Profit or Loss.

If you increase or decrease your Risk Level in your Operating Profile, the Recommended Stakes may change using your most up to date information. 

However Risk Levels, which can impact the most on your potential Profit or Loss, constitute just one element of the overall information that Astech Gold uses to provide Recommended Stakes.