The Astech Gold Company was incorporated in England in 2013 and launched in 2017.

The original research began with horse racing in 1991 and is the culmination of years of research with some of the sharpest minds in professional betting and business technology to bring you this effective tool designed and developed for internet use.

Bookmakers determine the odds they are prepared to lay on a selection. Tipsters manage how they choose their tips. You choose your selections and your stake.

However, it was on a trip to the bank to arrange finance, that correlations between staking and financial management were made. Banks lend based on a mix of individual circumstances and criteria.

The question was, could staking be evaluated in the same way?

Astech Gold has been developed to provide a Recommended Stake based on an individual’s Operating Profile together with Real Time Information.

The Company’s managerial and technical experience includes over 50 years of Sports Betting, Finance, Information Technology and Marketing.