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"I think the whole site is excellent, surpassing my expectations; beautifully designed, faultless operation and simple to use. In one stroke it takes away all that dithering about staking. I dread to think how many hours it must have taken you and your team to set up such a sophisticated website.

So congratulations to you all at Astech Gold. I would be happy to recommend you to anyone.

Thanks again for all your help last week.

Kind regards Bob"

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“If you struggle with the concept of stake management or maintain disciplined betting then Astech Gold will help in that regard.”,

“The guys at Astech Gold are a group of number geniuses who are most definitely mathemagicians! They have devised a set of guidelines to use with my ratings which consistently show a profit”

“They go through everything with a fine tooth comb. They are like rust.....they never seem to sleep!”

“I’ve had members e-mailing me telling me that having my work to input into the Astech Gold software system is now enabling them to make consistent profits from their betting.”

Post Racing Subscriber

“I thought I should let you know about the tremendous service I have received from Astech Gold!

I had a couple of issues and submitted a query to online support and very quickly received a phone call explaining what had likely caused the problem and what was needed to resolve it.

I then got a follow up call from Astech Gold just to check everything was working satisfactorily.

Brilliant Service!


Post Racing Subscriber

“Thanks a million Andy. Brilliant service! Peter”

Post Racing Subscriber


Just a quick note to thank you and the guys for sorting things so quickly.

Your service really is second to none and the new feature you showed me is brilliant

it's all done for us

Thanks again”


Post Racing Subscriber

“had the pleasure to speak to one of the Astech guys yesterday, what a good

impression that left....onwards and upwards !


Post Racing Subscriber

"Hi Ron,

Hope you are well. Just a quick email regards Astech Gold. After seeing the

screenshot sent over this morning, from yesterday’s results, I was struggling to see

why I lost £60 on the day whereas AG only lost £3 odd. I emailed Astech Gold to see

if they could shed any light on why I was so far behind them. A quick email back

would have been great but Andy chose to phone me and spend 40 minutes running

through my operating profile and explaining in great detail how the risk level works

and how that was the reasoning behind the different results. I would just like to say,

what an absolute diamond of a guy he is and how the level of customer service I

have received from Astech Gold is second to none.

Keep up the great work!



Post Racing Subscriber

Ron Robinson: Owner of Post Racing in response to the above-

“One of the reasons I decided to work with them is because they have the same

passion for numbers that I do but, more importantly, they are on the same page as

me regarding making sure you make a profit from this game and they will do their

utmost to make it work for you. If you need to know something, contact them.

Looking after those kind enough to part with cash to get involved in what I do is

absolutely paramount and I make sure you get more than your money's worth....and

so do they.

I would not be working with them if that were not the case....if you only knew the

number of people that have asked me over the years if they can get involved

here....and Astech Gold is the only organisation I have let in.”